Selling Crafts on eBay – How to Gain Instant Trust as a New Seller

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I want to talk a little bit about trust and the psychology of selling crafts on eBay. One of the key pillars of eBay is trust. As much as there are rules and regulations and all sorts of checks and boundaries within the massive corporate machine that eBay now is, it is still based upon trust. A seller advertises an item a buyer agrees to buy it for a price, the buyer sends money and the seller promises to send out the item.

In this process the buyer is sending money for an item they haven’t seen, or touched or even know actually exists apart from a photo that is supposed to be the actual item.

Even with Paypal assurances and cover, the buyer is still ‘trusting’ the seller to send the item.

And here is where lots of new eBay craft sellers make things harder for themselves. When you set up your new eBay account and you are eager to start selling crafts, just take a moment to think about how your account looks to your potential buyers.

You see eBay has a system called ‘feedback’ and this allows buyers and sellers to provide feedback for each other after a purchase has been made. Other eBay users can then view the feedback and see if a seller or buyer is to be trusted.

So you register your new seller account and a potential customer comes along, views your crafts and wants to make a purchase. Before they buy your craft item they go to check out your feedback, and viola you have a zero rating – you don’t have any feedback at all, not as a seller or buyer. So you are not really seen as a ‘trusted’ seller yet.

Here what you should do. After you ahve registered your eBay seller account, have a good search around and buy up to 10 items from other eBay sellers. Choose sellers that are selling crafts, buy cheap $1.00 items that you might need for your own craft projects.

After your craft supplies arrive, leave feedback for the seller (hopefully positive) and it is very likely the seller will leave positive feedback for you.

The outcome will be that for about $20.00 (10 x $1.00 purchases plus say $10.00 p&p charges) you will have gained some eBay history and more importantly some eBay ‘trust’!

This is a fantastic way to instantly give your eBay seller account a boost and set you up on the successful path to selling crafts on eBay.

To your online success!


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  1. By Meredith Crosby on Mar 23, 2009 | Reply

    Great idea, but I find that truly savvy untrustworthy people looking to the sales history where they can see if the feedback is from selling or buying. But it is a good way to get started!I also find with eBay that joining groups is a good way to build trust and get your name out there. I would say about 90% of my group experiences have been positive. They are great, especially the sellers groups, honest and willing to look over your stores or auctions and give honest feedback!

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