Selling crafts during the credit crunch…this could be your big opportunity.

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We are living in uncertain and volatile times. Everything that is happening in the world economy at the moment is bringing fear and doubt into our lives. So with all this pessimism and problems in the stock markets and banks what chance have we got as small business owners? How do we go about selling crafts and creating income in such uncertain times?

Here are two ideas to consider.

1. When big purchases decrease, small purchases can increase. When times are hard people tighten their belts on the bigger purchases. They put off buying that new car, or sofa, or upgrading to a flat screen tv. At the same time they tend to look more towards little purchases, the smaller items that make them feel good. Do your crafts fit that bill? Consider a family that would normally take a weeks holiday in Europe.

With things as they are now, they put off that expensive trip until another time. Instead at the weekend they take cheaper days trips out with the kids. They visit a craft fair for example, and they might buy your crafts at the fair. So you can see that there are always opportunities, you look to exploit that and use it to your advantage. Make sure your sell arrange of lower priced items, don’t just have the $300 painting you just finished, have a selection of $25 paintings too.

2. In hard times people move away from large sellers to smaller sellers. With all that is happening in the stock markets average consumers are seeing massive organisations, even banks, falling. Confidence is low. Money is tight. Even if consumers are not consciously aware of it, they are having doubts about large corporations.

The spin off to this is that big is bad, small is good. Global is bad, local is good. Do you see that there is an opportunity to exploit this. When things are tight there is an opportunity for small local sellers to provide a real and friendly, reliable service to customers. You can push this in your marketing, at your craft fairs and so on.

These are just two examples of opportunities that you can look for during the current credit crunch. There are loads more ideas and ways to increase your craft sales, all you have to do is think about the current situation and look for the positives that you can draw from it that you can use to sell your crafts successfully.

So, ditch the doom and gloom, look for the positive and sell your crafts better than you have ever done before. It can be done.

To your crafting success.

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  1. By wenona on Apr 28, 2009 | Reply

    This is great advice. I’ve just startedmy business oct 08. Credit crunch havent really worried me because I know people are always looking to buy things. But your read has really reinforced what I was thinking. Thanks

  2. By Kids Craft Mania on Jun 23, 2009 | Reply

    Not only develop your creativity ,give us more money .But What kids crafts that can be made ,and sold ? so the kids can also know the value of money .

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