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craft fair cashbox_2I can’t tell you how many shows I have been to and seen stall holders asking for change. It’s a basic requirement when doing craft shows or fairs to have crafts money in a secure cash box.

If you want to make money from crafts you’ll need to take a little money with you to your craft show. There is nothing more likely to stop you selling crafts at a show than having no change for your customers.

A great tip for getting a ‘free’ cash float
In my opinion you can’t have too much change. So take plenty of it to your craft show. Here’s a great tip to get a ‘free’ cash float on the day of the show.

All you have to do is save your loose change and coins inbetween shows. Personally I always save my loose change in a little cash box, the very one I take with mew to craft fairs.

Each day I pop the loose coins I have in my pocket onto the cash box. Over a few weeks, and especially in the winter months when you might not be doing many shows, the change really does add up. When you come to do your craft show you will be pleased to see that you already have a great little cash float that seems to have been gained for ‘free’. It’s a whole lot better than going into the bank on the way to the show and exchanging crisp bank notes for a bucket of change.

crafts show cash box_1Planning your cash float when pricing your craft products
Now you do know that the first customer of the day will buy a $1.45 item with a $20.00 note! This always happens! But a sale is a sale, right, so it’s very welcome! This is when you will see the crafter running around the fair asking everyone they can find for change of a $20!

Now there are two schools of thought about pricing your craft items and both need a different approach when it comes to filling your cash box.

1. Price items at rounded numbers.
There are lots of crafters who prefer to price their items at $1.00, $5.00, $10.00 etc.. By doing this you need to make sure you have lots of notes in your craft cash box. It does make life a lot easier, it saves you searching for loose change and it makes adding up orders much simpler!

2. Pricing your craft items below the dollar mark
There are equally lots of crafters who believe in pricing their craft products just below the dollar. $4.97 or $9.99 for example!

There is a lot of merit in this from a marketing point of view, which we will discuss another time. From a cash float point of view, if you go this pricing strategy, simply make sure you have lots of little value coins to provide change. Saving your change as suggested above is a great way to prepare for this as it will give you loads of loose change.

Organising your craft cash float isn’t rocket science but a little planning before the show will really help your run your craft show table smoothly.

Next time I will show you how to use your craft shows to generate sales even after the events have finished.


This is part four of CRAFT SHOW SUCCESS  – PLANNING YOUR CRAFT FAIR “14 simple tasks for craft show success…that you can do at home before the show”


  1. By Karen D. on Sep 1, 2008 | Reply

    I have been reading your tips on “selling your crafts” and so greatful for all of your insights. I’m new to selling my crafts. I’m sure with your tips I’ll be very successful. Keep the words of wisdom coming.

  2. By Steve on Sep 3, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Karen, thanks for your comment, I am glad you are enjoying the posts. We can all learn from each other and imnprove in what we do. That is our goal! Steve :-)

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