Making crafts creative – 5 ways to improve your creativity

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I have been thinking about the creative process recently. Now of course, making handmade crafts is a creative process, no doubt about that, but sometimes ideas just don’t come or we get easily distracted and lose focus.
But also there is another issue that I think is potentially more important when it comes to creativity and crafting.

Being creative when it comes to selling your crafts.

There are many crafters that make fantastic work, glass, wood, cards, textiles, you name it.
They are inspired and creative and full of ideas and enthusiasm. But then when it comes to promoting and selling their work they are stumped. All of a sudden the ideas are gone! All that creativity seems to have vanished! This is often even more apparent when it comes to selling crafts online.

Why is that?

How do perfectly good and creative people lose all creativity when it comes to selling crafts online?

Perhaps it is the technical side of things that puts them off and causes the problems? Or maybe it is just lack of interest in the Internet, or a lack of interest in the idea of ’selling’?

I don’t have the answers but personally I do try and give the selling process as much creative thought as I give to the crafting process. As a result I enjoy the sales process (I love it!) and I also sell a whole lot more crafts!

So, here are a couple of thoughts you may wish to ponder that relate to creativity. These ideas are applicable to the creativity of crafting and your selling strategy.

1. Think for a moment about what creativity is?

Creativity is the process of turning ideas into reality. Scientist believe it takes place primarily in the front lobe of the brain. The creative act has two processes, thinking and doing. You need both to be creative.
If you just have ideas and don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.

So when you are next pondering over a crafting or selling problem, concentrate on your idea but also spend equal time thinking about how to actually do it!

2. Think of ways to increase you creativity.

There are lots of ways to increase your creativity and generally they are quick and simple to achieve.
Here are a five to get get you going…

A. Brainstorming
To properly brainstorm, define your problem, suspend all judgement and just write down the ideas. It doesn’t matter how wacky or weird just write them down. In the second stage refine the ideas and work more on the better ones.

B. Set up a dedicated space
There is nothing that kills creativity more than having to clean up or move things around before you try and think of the next big idea. Clear space – clear mind!

C. Write every day – carry a notebook
Whatever you are trying to create, carry a note book and jot down ideas as they come. Dip into it regularly and record all those little thoughts that come throughout every day!

D. Join an online forum
Thera re always loads of ideas and solutions floating around forums. post questions, answer questions, interact and watch ideas come!!

E. Keep moving
If you are thinking physically move around. Instead of sitting at a desk, go for a walk, do excercise and so on. It can really make a difference.

I hope that has given you some food for thought and has sparked a few creative ideas that will help not only when you are crafting but when you are thiking about selling your crafts.

Remember creativity is something you can choose to do and practice. The more you do it, in all aspects of your life, the better you will get at it!


3 Responses to “Making crafts creative – 5 ways to improve your creativity”

  1. By Kath on Aug 10, 2008 | Reply

    All good advice, especially having a designated work space. I didnt always have this and would go for days without getting creative. Now I have everything to hand and on show. I would advise you to have all your supplies out on open shelves where you can see and touch your materials, not put away in drawers where you have to know what you need before you get stuff out.Sometimes I just wander in and start moving fabric around, looking along my shelves at ribbons and embellishments and ideas come.

  2. By Steve on Aug 10, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Kath, I totally agree. Have things to hand where you can see them and be inspired by them. Great advice.

    Steve :-)

  3. By Priscilla on Dec 28, 2008 | Reply

    Hi, I am so pleased I have found your blog! I am thinking about putting my creativity to extra use and maybe sell my goods and these tips are great! I am always thinking of things to make, and having a deicated space is such a simple idea, I also like the other tips on the blog, thank you

    Priscilla x

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