3 Essential (and FREE) Google Tools for Successful Site Owners

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Three things you must do:

1. You need to measure what you do online, and the best free tool for that is google analytics. Get the code and pop it on your webpages and learn about your website is performing. If you don’t measure you are not in control of your online business.

2. If you own your own craft website, or any site, you need to optimise it for search engines. T do this you need to understand keywords and why they are important. Research what this means, do it now, it is so important. Then get google keyword tool and start optimising your website.

3. How do you keep up to date with what is going on in your niche? Let google do the hard work for you. Would you like an email every time something changed or was introduced in your niche, by anyone on the whole Internet? Google Alerts will do that for you. Choose a keyword or two and let Google update you by email when something relevant happens. Simple as!!

Check is article and then get started getting on top of your online business!!

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