Burn The Ships and Hail Mary’s…it’s never been so true for crafting online..

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Now if you are looking to start up your crafting business online you should read Ed Dale’s excellent blog post. It is aimed at those looking to start online internet marketing businesses but it is totally relevant to whatever online business you might be thinking of starting, especially crafting online…

Ed talks about the best way to start up an online business and re-enforces the idea that I tell you again and again, start selling online in a small way, do it while you are still earning your main income from your day job.

The transition to full time online crafter can be made, it really can, but you don’t dive in at the deep end, you have to earn your stripes firsGet learn how to get started selling online and then refine your selling processes to the point that they are making you a profit, in a small way at first, then you can look to grow.

Anyhoo, have a read of Ed’s article, it is rock solid good advice for crafters looking to get started online.

Happy crafting!
Steve :-)


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  1. By Lisa Galvan-Reyes on Jun 11, 2011 | Reply

    Great article. Very true!

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