Three more great box decoration projects for you…

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Hi everyone,

here are three more box decoration projects for you to see. These are crackers…

shabby chic decoupage box

box sewing kit

chocolate decorated box

You can get hold of 12 different unfinished boxes that you can decorate for yourself at our website:



4 June 2008 Remember this date

4 June 2008 – yep, make a note of the date, I’ll tell you why in a second…..

Hi everyone,

Previously I showed you our new range of boxes in a previous blog.

I also put all twelve of the new boxes up on our website.


I am sure you can think of lots of brilliant projects to make using these unfinished boxes.

Last time I also showed you three fantastic box decoration projects that some of my craft friends have created.

Here are three more brilliant box decoration projects for you to. I am sure they will give you lots of inspiration and ideas for your own boxes.

pink shabby chic box

chicken disco box

treasure chest

So, now what’s all this about the important date?

4 June 2008?

Why the big fuss?

Well, I mentioned to you that I have been working on a very special box package deal which is for craftshapes members only. I have completed the details and the package deal will ‘go live’ on 4 June 2008. It’s such a great package I am really excited about offering it to you.

However I must say upfront that it’s going to be a very limited offer, and remember it’s just for craftshapes members only.

If you want to become a craftshapes member, simply go to our website at www.craftshapes.co.uk and sign up to our newsletter.

First thing on Wednesday 4 June 2008 I will email you a link to a very special secret box offer page which will have full details of the offer and how you can get your hands on your boxes! So make sure you put the date I your diary and check your mail inbox on 4 June 08.

Until next time.
Happy crafting

P.S. Don’t forget to leave comments on our blog. We always love to hear from you.


Wooden boxes are on now the craftshapes website

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend?

Now, where were we?

Last time I told you that I was so pleased with these new boxes that I immediately contacted some of my crafting friends. Then, they were so excited they made me send out sample boxes for them to have some crafting fun with.

I have posted photo of three of their amazing finished boxes just below.

suitcase box project

doll box project

leopard box project
How fantastic are those box projects! They are so creative and talented. Just brilliant!

I have also finally completed listing all 12 of the new unfinished boxes on our website. They are up there now and ready to purchase.


Each box is listed with an images and details plus as always there are details of the great discounts you can get for buying multiple boxes.

Also, a special note for craft shapes community members, I want to give you a bit of a tip off!! A little hint. If you are excited about purchasing some of our new boxes, maybe hold off for a just a very short while, just a couple of days. I hope to have some news of a very special offer just for you. I am planning a great deal just for craftshapes members. I’ll tell you more when I have finalised the details.

In the mean time enjoy the box decorating tutorials and have a good luck at the boxes on the website

As ever we’d love to hear your feedback so please do post your comments.

Until next time.
Happy crafting


Six more small wooden boxes for you…

Hi everyone,

Here are six more fantastic small wooden boxes for you to look at. I have now completed photographing all 12 boxes in the set. You can see the other 6 boxes in the previous post. So that’s all 12 of the boxes for you!

I think they are great boxes. What do you think?

Thanks for all your great comments so far. I’ve had lots of questions about the boxes which I will answer for you very soon. I just wanted you see the full set of boxes first.

Please do let me know what you think about the second set of 6 boxes here on the blog by leaving a comment.

I am working on putting the details about each of the individual boxes on our website. I’m doing it right now and I hope to have that completed over the weekend.

I have also had some of the completed box decoration projects back from my crafting friends. I haven’t quite got them all online yet, so I will have some of the projects for you to look at very soon. They are amazing, so creative!!

We love to get your thoughts so please do leave your comments.

Until next time
Happy crafting

small wooden box 11x11

small wooden box 14x7

small wooden box 14x8


Some photos of the unfinished boxes for you…

Hello everyone,
In my previous post I told you about the fantastic new unfinished boxes I have found.

I promised to get some of the boxes photographed so I could show them off to you. I have the first six done for you and have posted them

What do you think? I am so pleased with them. They’re great boxes and I am very excited we have got hold of these. I know you are going to have great fun
decorating them for your projects.

Please do give me feedback and leave a comment, we’d love to hear what you think about the boxes.

Also, remember I mentioned last time that my crafting friends were asking for sample boxes?

Well, they received their samples and I have had some great feedback. They have started making some fantastic box decorating projects. They’ve got
straight stuck in!!

I have asked them to send me some photo’s and instructions about how they decorated their boxes, so I can share them with you. I will include some of
these for you next time.

In the mean time please do let me know what you think about the boxes. What kind of projects would you like to use the boxes for? Gift boxes, jewellery and trinket boxes? What wild and wonderful decorations can you come up with? We always love to hear your creative ideas so do leave a comment or two….

Until next time
Happy crafting

small wooden box 11x8

small wooden box 12x8

small wooden chest 13x7

small wooden box with handle 13x7

small wooden box 11.5x6.5

small wooden box 14x7


Something surprising I found out recently…

Hello Everyone,

I want to tell you about something surprising I found out recently through my crafting research.

You want boxes!! For a little while now lots of you have been emailing me about unfinished rectangle boxes.

So, ever keen to please, I started searching for a range of top quality boxes for you. The surprising thing I found is that they are very hard to get hold of! So I did a some deeper research and
looked at the wooden box market in general, just to see what I could find.

Where are all the boxes? I found there are very few sellers of unfinished boxes, and none that have a good range of quality boxes. I did loads of searches through Google for example, I got a lot
of decorated boxes, Indian carved boxes and such. But, I know that’s not what you are looking for. I also researched through ebay and there just aren’t any sellers of a good range of unfinished boxes.

So, what’s going on?

Is the box dead? Well, I did consider that! Maybe crafters just don’t want unfinished boxes? If you don’t want them, sellers don’t stock them? But I’m not convinced of that as I know lots of you
want them, you tell me you do!

Long live the box!!! So, after several late nights and many long phone calls I found some fantastic boxes for you. I have just received a sample set, I have them right here in front of me and they
are great looking boxes, perfect for painting, decorating and loads of craft projects.

In fact they are so new I haven’t even had a chance to take any photos of them yet. I will do that for you very soon and post some photos for you to look at.
In the mean time please let me know what you think about unfinished boxes, box decorating, crafting ideas for boxes, or your thoughts about boxes in general. I’d love to know what craft ideas you’ve got for unfinished boxes? What kinds of boxes would you like to craft with? Let me know. It’d be great to hear from you.

Until next time.
Happy crafting

P.S. I told some of my close crafter friends about the boxes too, and they have begged me for advanced samples. Cheeky monkeys!! I have sent them some as long as they show us what they make with their boxes. Just for fun I’ve posted some of their rather impatient and excited requests on our blog for you to see!
You can see their posts earlier in this blog below.

More excitement about our boxes…

Here are some more posts from the craft forum made by the crafters who have been lucky enough to get some of the boxes early… It’s fantastic that they are so excited, we can’t wait to see what amazing box decorations they come up with…

…wish my box would hurry up! I’ve chosen my materials& colours…..

Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow when were out, then I’ll have two weeks to work on it in between stock-making. It’ll be like occupational therapy…..craft, but not for an order or craft fair!

Hurrah! Can’t wait!
Posted by J

My box arrived today, the postman had popped it through the catflap! It’s larger than I was expecting which is better for my plans – can’t wait to begin my handiwork!
Posted by E

Yes I got mine today !!! I have a craft fair tomorrow but will get on it when i get home can’t wait to give it a go!

My box has arrived as well, and I’m now plotting what to do to it

…muah ha ha… evil laugh, strokes small white cat in big spinny chair..!!
Posted by S

…….I am SO excited!!!
It’s square; good. It’s got a…..don’t know what to call it….a square groove all the way round the top, which makes a panel. And the panel can be taken out with a scalpel……it’s inspired completely new ideas now!

I sat last night and turned it over & over in my hands, and examined it minutely. Got so many ideas that I don’t know where to start, but this has really made me think – more than I do about my usual projects (and I think a lot about them) and more than I have in years.

Can’t wait to get started, just need to decide where to start!
Posted by J

Mine has arrived too! A note was put through the door but to say that it had been left in the big tool box thingy that we have round the back – good job it hadn’t rained or the box and the books that came too would have been wet!!
Ideas, ideas, ideas!!
Posted by S

mine too! lol

I have all my bits and pieces ready now to go! Just some 3d planning in my mind, some chopping and changing and i’m ready to go! I am SO excited. I can’t wait to see everyones finished boxes!
Posted by s.x

Here are links to the original posts on the craftforum:



Crafters are very excited about our boxes…

Hi everyone, I mentioned that some lucky little pixies (crafters actually!) have been able to get their hands on the boxes we are soon to launch. They have been having a lot of fun chatting on a craft forum and planning how they will decorate their boxes. They have kindly allowed me to show some of the posts they have been making the UK craftsforum. I have absolutely loads of comments, so I will try and post some of them over the coming days. As you can see they are pretty excited about decorating their boxes….

This is so exciting. Can’t wait to get the box, I just want to wait in for the post now and I can’t!

It is going to great fun seeing all the different ideas everyone has come up with.
Posted by A

I got mine this morning…..first to sort the workroom and then to plan my project…..oooooh it’s exciting!
Posted by S

It has just come! My box landed…
The postman knocked on the door, I said, oooh I dont remember ordering anything, he said it has www.craftshapes.co.uk on it, I think my face must have lit up like a kid in a sweetie shop! lol!

Now I’ve gotta think of some ideas!
Posted by s.x

Got my box, I can’t wait to get started, I have a couple of ideas in mind.
Posted by C

OOOhhhhh! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by TT

Got mine, got loads of ideas buzzing about, looking forward to it
Posted by K

Here are links to the original posts on the craftforum:



The craft pixies are working on boxes….

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A few lucky little pixies have got their crafting mittens on our secret boxes!!! Eighteen pairs of little hands crafting away, each crafting a special box for you to admire…..


The boxes have landed…

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The idea is progressing….

…17 have joined so far…

…the boxes are coming….