6 Daily Habits for Facebook Marketing Success

If you use Facebook for your craft business or even for your crafting hobby and you want to increase your fans and engage your readers, the key is to have a strategy. This great article from Social Media Examiner suggests 6 Daily Habits to Facebook Marketing Success. It’s a great article and I recommend you implement it as part of your Facebook strategy.



How To Figure Out If You Matter In Your Market (And What To Do When You Find Out You Don’t!!)

I’m doing is! You should too.

The key to doing well in any market is to know who is in it and more importantly who the followers of that market are listening to.

If you can get yourself into a position where you are the person your niche Market is listening to then you are going to influence that market or even dominate it (think Apple!). That is a powerful position to hold, from that position you can look to build a strong, successful and long term business.

But how do you do it? This article by the online marketing genius Ed Dale tells you exactly how to make a start, and it is surprisingly easy.

All you have to do is help people….

Check out the article link below.


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If you’re going to work…

If you are running your own business, this should be a no brainer!

Time is precious to the self employed business owner, it trickles away like sand through your fingers.

Grab the time you have and squeeze every last second out of it!



11 Ways to Find New Content for Your Blog / Facebook / Website / Twitter

If you publish to a blog or website or even Facebook and Twitter, this article has some great tips on getting ideas for new content.

For me the number one tip is to sign up to Google Reader and get RSS feeds in your relevant niche or area of interest. It works a treat, so fast and allows you to keep on top of what is going on in your specialist field.



3 Essential (and FREE) Google Tools for Successful Site Owners

Three things you must do:

1. You need to measure what you do online, and the best free tool for that is google analytics. Get the code and pop it on your webpages and learn about your website is performing. If you don’t measure you are not in control of your online business.

2. If you own your own craft website, or any site, you need to optimise it for search engines. T do this you need to understand keywords and why they are important. Research what this means, do it now, it is so important. Then get google keyword tool and start optimising your website.

3. How do you keep up to date with what is going on in your niche? Let google do the hard work for you. Would you like an email every time something changed or was introduced in your niche, by anyone on the whole Internet? Google Alerts will do that for you. Choose a keyword or two and let Google update you by email when something relevant happens. Simple as!!

Check is article and then get started getting on top of your online business!!


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Why Use Images in Blog Posts and Where to Find Them

Another great article about using images in your blog posts.
Some good resource links in there too.
I love to use images in my blog posts, and plan to do it more. Just need to sort out a simple way to do from my iPhone/iPad that allows formatting and tagging etc..
If anyone knows of a good app let me know that would be great.
Steve :-)



19 Ways to Use Images to Enhance Your Blog

> I have to admit I score quite poorly when it comes to use of images in this blog.
> > I recommend having a look through this article. It has a lot of good simple additions and tweaks that you can make to your blog with the use of images.
> > Adding images and other eye candy can make a real difference to what your reader thinks of your blog, wha they read, how long they stay on your blog and how much they interact with you.
> > Good stuff.
> > Steve :-)



2 Blogging Myths: Traffic Measures Success and Content Is King

I am sat here in my car about to pick up two new child car seats from Halfords. Long story! I thought I would check my reeder app whilst I have a low calorie Morrisons tikka wrap, not the best by the way.
And, isn’t it always the way, when you haven’t got much time you find an article or blog post that you can’t leave until later. I had to read this excellent post, on the Pro Blogger site, about measuring blogging success.
If you have a craft blog, or any blog, and you are wondering how to measure your success or progress, read this article, it will make so much sense to you, and inspire you too.
Right, better get those child seats!!
Steve :-)


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Use Twitter Contests to Find Targeted Followers

If you are like most online crafters you will spend a lot of your time thinking about how to get more visitors to your website, blog, even eBay shop!

Using twitter is a great way to get the online community turned on to your crafts. A twitter contest might be just the thing you need to get lots of interest in your twittering.

Check out this great article that shows you how to run a successful twitter contest.

Steve :-)


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The Non-Overnight Success: How Twitter Became Twitter

If you want to make a success of your crafting business, or any other business for that matter, you don’t just go from kitchen table to inventing Facebook and being a law suit riddled billionaire overnight – it takes time.

You have to take little steps.

Have read through this very interesting blog all about what the author calls “tiny bets”. The example he uses to illustrate his point is the creation of twitter. I love the image of the hand scribbled drawing the creator of twitter made years before he realised his vision.

It’s all good stuff and great info to help you take tiny steps towards making your own craft business a success.

Steve :-)

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